Park rules and policies

Arrival and departure

Check-in  |  Sites: 12:00pm  Cabins: 3:00pm
Check-out | Sites and Cabins: 10:00am

All accommodation tariffs are to be paid in advance and are not refundable after check-in. If you require an earlier check-in or late check-out please speak to reception.

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards

We consider ourselves a family-friendly park where bicycles, scooters and skateboards are welcomed. However, it is essential that helmets are worn at all times. Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are not to be ridden after dusk or in communal areas. Electric scooters or bikes and trail, quad or mini bikes are NOT permitted within the park.

Boom gates

Misuse of the boom gates including tailgating, sharing your boom gate pin or allowing other vehicles other than your own to enter the park, will result in eviction from the park. No refund will apply.

Cabins or sites

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific accommodation (eg. a certain cabin number if there are multiple of the same type available) during booking or on check-in.


Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult when visiting the showers, toilets, playground, jumping pillow and other facilities around the park.

Fires and open flames

Open fires are not permitted in the park. Fire pits must be raised off the ground and approved by the holiday park. Many holiday parks are under the guidance of state and territory laws regarding fire bans. Guests must adhere to those regulations too.

Fires must not create excessive smoke or smoke that causes a nuisance to other guests or surrounding areas of the Holiday Park.


  • Prices, rules and policies are subject to change without notice.
  • Park management reserves the right to evict any person who fails to obey the park rules. Eviction from the park will result in forfeiture of all monies paid.
  • Any person found to be damaging park property or that of other guests will be evicted from the park and will be held responsible for repair costs.


One small light that is separate from the caravan, annexe, tent or the like is permitted on each site. Any lighting that unreasonably affects other guests or neighbouring sites, is prohibited. External lighting and power points must be weather-resistant rated. Guests are encouraged to use energy-efficient globes and appliances. Lights must not be hung from trees.

New arrivals

New arrivals and guests must report to reception before entering the park.

Noise and behaviour

Occupants are required to behave within and around the Park grounds in a way that does not interfere with the privacy and peace and quiet of other occupants within the Park or neighbours. Occupants are responsible for any visitors that may attend the Park grounds.

Excessive noise by guests and their visitors will not be tolerated at any time. The noise curfew in all parks is 10pm. Music and TVs should not be audible to adjoining sites. Offensive behaviour or rowdy parties will not be tolerated and will result in the offenders being evicted from the park.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children do not disturb the peace and quiet of other park guests.


Rules around the smoking of tobacco products and e-cigarettes will vary from park to park depending on the state/territory law in which they reside. Please see specific park rules on the back of your map at check-in for more information.

Speed limit

In the interest of safety, the speed limit throughout the park is WALKING PACE only, not exceeding 10km per hour.


We have many trees in our parks that drop branches and debris. Staff are continually pruning to reduce the risk. Major contract pruning is carried out as required to further reduce the risk. We cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for personal injury or damage to personal property from falling branches or debris.


We permit one vehicle per accommodation reservation, and one vehicle and one caravan, camper trailer or tent per site reservation. If you would like to bring other vehicles, or personal leisure equipment (eg. boats, jet skis, motorbikes), this is at the discretion of the reception team and must be approved prior to your arrival. Approved additional vehicles may attract a fee.


Guests are responsible for their visitor's behaviour. Visitors' vehicles are to be left outside the park. Please ensure all visitors have vacated the park by 10pm unless they have been allocated a booking with reception.

Your site

Please keep your cabin or site clean and tidy and use the facilities provided for drying clothes and rubbish disposal. Everyone appreciates a well-kept site, so please remember that we do not allow trenches to be dug in the park, under any circumstances.