Hiking Grampians National Park

Fresh New Hikes & Trails - Grampians National Park

Looking for things to do when visiting the Grampians? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


To take the guesswork out, we've put together some quick info on some of the Grampians brand new trails, and the ones we know and love.

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is something not to be missed. Whether you're exploring with the kids or are an experienced hiker looking for a little something extra, the Pinnacle has a number of access trails, making it perfect for everyone.

More info: The Pinnacle
Distance: 2.1km
Time: 45 minutes to 1-hour return
Start: Sundial Car Park
Grade: Medium

If little ones are tagging along on this walk starting at Sundial Car Park is the way to go. It is not challenging at all, so it makes it easy to make it to The Pinnacle. 

Start: Wonderland Carp park
Distance: 2.1km
Grade: Medium/Hard
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes return

This one is a bit more challenging, starting from Wonderland Car Park you will follow the markings along the track through the Grand Canyon and Silent Street up to The Pinnacle.

Start: Breeze Holiday Parks Halls Gap
Distance: 9.6km
Grade: Hard
Time: 5 hours return

This extended walk is suitable for fit and experienced walkers. You will need to follow the track to Venue Baths and continue up to the Splitter Falls then to the Wonderland Carpark. From there you will take the same path as you would when starting from the Wonderland Car Park.

Venus Baths Walk

More info: Venus Baths Walk
Distance: 2.3km
Grade: Medium

A quick and enjoyable stroll from Halls Gap that leads you to Venus Baths. There are no obstacles just flat rock, so it makes for an easy walk. Water runs from Stony Creek to the naturally formed rock pools which makes it the ideal spot to cool off and have a picnic with the family.

Mount William (Duwul)

More info: Mount William
Time: 45 minutes return
Mount William car park

With Mount William standing at 1,167 metres tall it is the highest point in the Grampians National Park, with how steep the trail is it will only take 45 minutes to walk to the summit. The lookout provides a 360-degrees view of the mountain ranges and open plains that Grampians has to offer.

With an array of well-known tracks that have been around for what feels like forever, the Grampians National Park has just opened four new day hikes to keep things fresh. These new trails vary in distance and difficulty to guarantee you a new experience, and just in time for the school holidays!

Mt Stapylton Loop

More Info: Mt Stapylton Loop
Time: 4 – 5 hours return
Level: Grade 4 (Hard)
Start: Mt Zero Picnic Area Mt Zero Road

Start yourself at the Grampians Peak Trail for 500m, continue down to the next track and this is where the loop walk begins (you will return to this point at the end). While keeping left continue for 1.3km before beginning to climb past ‘Bird Rock’, you will then reach the next junction where you’ll follow the signs leaving the Grampians Peaks Trail and head west. The Track will then head northwest for 3km while will then complete the loop back to the Grampians Peak Trail.

Lower Waterfalls of Gar (Mt Difficult)

More Info: Lower Waterfalls of Gar
Time: 2 hours return
Level: Grade 3 (Medium)
Start: Troopers Creek Campground  

Start at Troopers Creek Campground (where you get views of the seasonal waterfalls), and follow the creeks side-track for 1.8km to the first small waterfall. Continue upwards where you’ll find yourself at the third and final waterfall (return down the same track).

Lake Wartook Lookout

Distance: 1.1km
Time: 40 minutes return
Level: Garde 3 (Medium)
Start: Lake Wartook Lookout, Mt Difficult Road (Approx 4.5km North of Boroka Lookout carpark)
More Info: Lake Wartook Lookout Via the roadside you will walk West before climbing up rock staircases and over rocky terraces, you will then climb through a narrow rocky slot onto the summit. To return you will go down the same route.

Signal Peak

Distance: 7.8km
Time: 3 – 4 hours return
Level: Garde 4 (Hard)
Start: Mt Abrupt Carpark
More Info: Signal Peak

From the Mt Abrut Carpark travel 1.7km then turn right at the track junction, and follow this track for 2.2km through a saddle with tall trees. From the saddle, the track climbs up the Western slopes of Signal Peak before reaching the summit. Grab your hiking boots, head to Halls Gap & get exploring! If you're wanting to make the most of it and stay a couple of nights be sure to check out our holiday parks. If you're all about easy access to the Grampians, our Breeze Holiday Parks - Halls Gap is located in the heart of the town centre and has direct access to the national park. If you're planning a family road trip with the dog and enjoy getting back to basics on a camping adventure, be sure to visit our Breeze Holiday Parks - Grampians. With plenty of space, kid-friendly facilities and an off-leash dog run, this park has an incredible family-friendly vibe.