Hiking tour through Carnarvon National Park

The Best 2023 Summer Adventure is waiting for you at Carnarvon Gorge

Nestled in Queensland's Central Highlands, Carnarvon Gorge is renowned for its stunning sandstone cliffs, deep gorges, and vibrant native flora. The gorge twists around the meandering Carnarvon Creek, creating a haven for hikers who can explore its multiple trails leading to ancient Indigenous rock art sites, refreshing waterholes, and mesmerising vistas. This untamed beauty of Carnarvon Gorge, with its rugged landscapes and age-old stories etched in the sandstone, offers a truly immersive journey into the heart of Australia's wilderness. 

Carnarvon Gorge is a spot that's often overlooked during the summer months. While we experience warmer temperatures, it's the best time of year to explore hidden gems and immerse yourself in its tranquillity. While the heat may deter some travellers, there are plenty of reasons you'll find this time of year is the perfect time to explore... Read on to find out why!

Escape the crowds

While many travellers flock to this stunning destination during the cooler months, the summer season provides a quieter, more intimate experience. If you're willing to rise early to brave the heat, the rewards are endless. You're much more likely in the summer months to have the remarkable ancient landscapes, serene walking trails, and captivating Aboriginal art sites all to yourself, including culturally significant locations like the Art Gallery. We reckon that's worth travelling for!

Witness the vivid colours of summer

With the longer days, you can spend more time exploring, and witnessing the area draped in brand new green shoots following recent bushfires. The vibrant hues of summer flora come to life, painting the landscape with breathtaking displays of wildflowers and native plants. The clear blue skies and intense sunlight bring out the rich reds, oranges, and deep greens that characterise the Australian bush. 

The wildlife is wonderful

The warmer months bring a burst of activity among the local fauna, from colourful birds like parrots and lorikeets to curious marsupials like wallabies and kangaroos. You'll have a chance to observe their behaviours as they forage for food and enjoy the abundance of water sources.

Birdwatching becomes particularly rewarding during summer, as various species are more active and vocal. It's an ideal season for capturing memorable wildlife encounters and experiencing the richness of Australia's unique ecosystem. There's plenty of wildlife around to be spotted in summer!

Embrace the low season

We all like to save a few pennies and travelling in low season will allow you to do just that! There's plenty of accommodation available at lower rates and we have some hot deals available on our website so be sure to check it out.

Dive into refreshing swims

There are two main places to cool off in the summer months. One is between BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks - Carnarvon Gorge and the Information Centre where the walks begin. The flowing waters of Carnarvon Creek provide a cool respite from the rising temperatures. So, pack your swimmers, embrace the summer sun, and dive into the natural pools, where you can unwind in the waters surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. 

A stargazer's paradise

Visiting the gorge in summer offers the unique opportunity to witness a dazzling night sky. With warm evenings and minimal cloud cover, you'll find yourself under a blanket of stars, far from the bright city lights. 

The lack of light pollution makes Carnarvon Gorge an exceptional spot for stargazing. Gaze up and be mesmerised by the Milky Way, constellations, and shooting stars. 

Tips for your summer adventure

It's important to be prepared for the warmer months! 

  • Start your hike early in the morning and leave the afternoon to relax
  • Carry plenty of snacks and water
  • Be sun smart - slip, slop, slap

*Stay up to date on the Queensland Parks and Wildlife website