Grampians National Park Lookout

Experience the Grampians

What do you think of when you hear "the Grampians"? If it's fresh air, space to breathe, and camping, you've obviously been here before! The Grampians are one of the best areas of Victoria to experience under canvas or from a caravan, and here are five reasons why. 

1. Natural Wildlife

The Grampians are a series of spectacular sandstone mountains, rising out of the surrounding flat lands, like waves over the horizon. The slopes on the western side rise gently before dropping off steeply on the eastern side, creating an imposing landscape full of peaks, valleys, crags and rock faces just asking to be explored. Waterways meander picturesquely through the hills ending in waterfalls that plummet spectacularly over steep rock faces, whilst a mixture of well-worn and more recent hiking trails (like the Grampians Peak Trail) guide you through the environment, offering stunning views over the unique and ancient landscape.

There aren't many ways you can get as close and personal with the natural environment as you can in Halls Gap and Breeze Holiday Parks' two Grampians holiday parks that are both perfectly located for maximum nature. Frequented by a host of wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, possums, bats, deer and a wide range of birdlife, throw open the canvas and you can expect to find at least one little visitor, if not more, poking around. You'll also enjoy views over the spectacular landscape, with Breeze Holiday Parks - Halls Gap positioned right under the Grampians Pinnacle and across the road from the Halls Gap General Store, fish and chip shop, The Town Fryer, Coola's Ice Creamery and the Halls Gap Bakery

2. The Sky

We all know we spend too much time inside these days, stuck at a desk or in front of the TV. Meanwhile, the sky outside is constantly changing and brimming with beauty - especially in the Grampians! 

As the sun rises softly over the Grampians Pinnacle bathing the crags and rock faces in soft orange light, you'll be happy to wake up early and experience it all from a Grampians holiday park. Depending on the season, enjoy the changing sky over the course of the day from magnificent moody greys in winter to brilliant blues through summer and beyond. Spring and autumn are the best times for rainbow spotting; you don't have to wait long to see one light up the sky, but the real show starts after the pinks and purples of sunset peter out over The Balconies - the lack of lights on the ground provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the starlight above; a truly immersive experience from your Grampians holiday park tent or caravan. 

3. Camping Conveniences

There are plenty of options for camping in the Grampians, but when it comes to convenience, why not make the rest of your stay a Breeze?! You can't beat the joys of nice clean amenities with plenty of hot water and if you haven't checked them out already, the newly renovated amenities at Breeze Holiday Parks - Grampians are a bit of a treat. There are even two new fully accessible disabled/family bathrooms, plus a camp kitchen electric barbeques and a range of activities to keep kids, young and old, entertained. Make the most of the swimming pool (unheated), pump track, playground and jumping pillow and fill every moment of your Grampians holiday park stay with fun. 

4. Open Fires

Is there anything better than an open fire? They're great for ambience and a conventional way to keep warm, basically camping necessities. And here at Breeze's two Grampians holiday parks, we're inclined to agree. That's why we encourage guests to bring their own fire pit to Breeze Holiday Parks - Halls Gap. At Breeze Holiday Parks - Grampians, most of our cabins and a lot of our sites come equipped with your very own fire pit, or you are also welcome to bring your own. We also have some large communal fire pits for the whole family to gather around. Don't forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows!

5. Your Four-Legged Friends are Welcome

Dogs are welcome at both Grampians Breeze Holiday Parks, subject to a few terms and conditions, like being kept on a lead in the park and not being left on their own at any time, for everyone's safety. Breeze Holiday Parks - Grampians even has a fenced dog's off-leaded area where your four-legged friend can stretch their legs. Dogs are also welcome in the town of Halls Gap and on the sealed walking trail through the town, as well as at any number of attractions in the area. However, as with all Australian National Parks, dogs are not permitted on any of the trails within the Grampians National Park, but there are a few local petitters and kennels if you want to partake in some of the hikes. 

So, for your next Halls Gap adventure, wouldn't you say a Grampians holiday park is the best way?!