Pump Tracks

Get Pumped For Pump Tracks

Surprise the kid’s this spring with our brand-new pump tracks

Stuck on ideas for where to take the kids this spring? experience our all-new pump tracks when you visit the Grampians, Eildon or Port Hughes.

An easy way to keep the kids occupied; these fun-sized outdoor tracks are the perfect way for the kids to learn some new tricks while you sit back and relax. The pump track requires minimal pedalling and will make the kids feel like they are on their own mini rollercoaster. It’s accessible for beginner or advanced level riders of all ages and abilities and is suitable for bikes, scooters, roller skates, and skateboards. Safety is always key so helmets must be worn always, and riders must be aware of everyone on the track when entering and exiting. Now if you’re thinking “how does this work?” we have the key ‘how to’ list below to help out!

How to use Pumptrack:

  • Practice is key, start on lower rollers or pump bumps to get the hang of the momentum you will gain.
  • As you approach the roll-in you will need to position yourself; standing up out of the saddle, elbows out, leaning forward and low.
  • Then when you go up the rollers, take your weight from the front end of the bike to the centre, as you go down push with your arms and legs into the dip
  • You will then need to repeat this push-pull motion over each bump to gain maximum momentum. Sounds easy but practice makes perfect!

Have we got you pumped for pump tracks? You may have to plan your next adventure to Grampians, Eildon, or Port Hughes then.